Swim in a new quality! Water relaxation center is open.

We are pleased to announce that the water relaxation center will open for the new season on September 14 from 2pm.

The new season in the water relaxation center will delight you with NEW:

New, innovative pool water technology: ecologically friendly, crystal clear, without harmful disinfection byproducts.

The DA-GEN is an innovative disinfection solution for your swimming pool. It is a Hydrolyser that uses advanced oxidation technology to generate free radicals and small amounts of chlorine. It also serves as your complete swimming pool controller. Pool water in drinking water quality – crystal clear and with no chlorine smell.

Read more about the new technology: https://shorturl.at/ltOQ5


See you in the new season of the water relaxation center from September 14 at 2 pm!

Water aerobics, children’s swimming lessons will start from September 20. You can view the schedule here.

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