Gua-Sha face massage


    • 50 €


Gua-Sha is an ancient massage technique, originated from the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The name means ‘to scratch everything that’s bad’: ‘gua’ for scratch and ‘sha’ for bad. The massage is performed with plates of different shapes, made of semi-precious stones. Thanks to a powerful impulse, all metabolic processes are improved in skin, rejuvenation processes are activated, and excellent lymph drainage effect is achieved.

The massage helps to reduce face puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and restore healthy appearance of the skin. The technique gently works on the face and neck muscles allowing them to both relax and strengthen. With this method you can retain your skin tone, achieve lifting and naturally delay appearance of the wrinkles.

The goal of this massage technique is to boost antioxidant production, activate the protective forces of skin and discharge toxins. Gua-Sha technique is recommended for lifting the mood and improving mental capacity, treating neurosis and depression, counteracting insomnia.