Massage for your health and well-being!

The Joker Club’s status as a medical facility not only certifies the quality of the healthcare services provided , but alsoensures that you can be reimbursed if your insurance policy provides for rehabilitation and physiotherapy services .

This will be appreciated by those who want to lighten the load muscles after an intense workout in the gym, as well as those who want to regain a great physical shape and well-being while recovering after an injury or surgery.


Massage intensity


Gua-Sha face massage
40-60 minutesBuy50.00

VIDEJA INTENSITATEGua-Sha is an ancient massage technique, originated from the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The name means ‘to scratch everything that’s bad’: ‘gua’ for scratch and ‘sha’ for bad. The massage is performed with plates of different shapes, made of semi-precious stones. Thanks to a powerful impulse, all metabolic processes are improved in skin, rejuvenation processes are activated, and excellent lymph drainage effect is achieved.

The massage helps to reduce face puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and restore healthy appearance of the skin. The technique gently works on the face and neck muscles allowing them to both relax and strengthen. With this method you can retain your skin tone, achieve lifting and naturally delay appearance of the wrinkles.

The goal of this massage technique is to boost antioxidant production, activate the protective forces of skin and discharge toxins. Gua-Sha technique is recommended for lifting the mood and improving mental capacity, treating neurosis and depression, counteracting insomnia.

Reaffirming or modelling face massage
45-60 minutesBuy50.00

VIDEJA INTENSITATEThis massage has been developed especially for patients starting to show signs of ageing: sagging skin, reduced muscle flexibility, changing face oval and wrinkles – all the changes associated with getting older.

Modelling face massage is indicated for women after 25 years of age. From this age, the skin cell renewal gradually declines, and many experience wrinkles and puffiness. This type of massage will help to deal with the adverse impact of age-related changes. Besides, a repeated massage will help to overcome different cosmetic imperfections. The visual appearance improves considerably not only owing to the skin but also muscle tissue massage. Rejuvenating, modelling face massage is a procedure where a massage therapist works on all levels of tissue. It helps to have a healthy skin, tone it and evens out wrinkles. Unlike other massage methods, it takes care not only of the upper layers of the skin, but influences also blood vessels and muscle tissue.


Classic massage
Classic whole-body massage60 minutesBuy50.00
Classic whole-body massage90 minutesBuy70.00
Classic whole-body massage120 minutesBuy100.00
Classic massage for yhe upper part of the body (back, shoulders, arms, décolleté)60 minutesBuy50.00
Classic massage for the lower part of the body (legs, hips, feet)60 minutesBuy50.00

VIDEJA INTENSITATEThis massage is performed with a specially designed massage oil or cream. As a result of several massage sessions the muscle tone is gradually increased as well as elasticity, the overall body condition is improved, the pain disappears, skin condition and digestive processes return to normal. But the biggest benefits are: more energy and a better feeling!

Foot massage or reflexology
30 minutesBuy40.00

A method of the alternative medicine based on the idea that certain areas of feet reflect and are related to different parts of the body and organs. This massage technique is used to stimulate and promote natural healing processes in the body, supporting them with light pressure movements on relevant reflexology areas on the feet.

Neck and shoulder mobilising massage
45-60 minutesBuy50.00

Mobilising neck massage alleviates tension in muscles, tendons, joints, improve arterial and venous circulation, also lymph flow, corrects posture. The procedure involves miointensive (from Latvin ‘mio’ for muscle and ‘tensio’ for tension), deep tissue (works on fascia) as well as gentle physiotherapeutic massage methods. All the mentioned techniques combined allow to efficiently and comfortably influence the miofascial system by increasing tissue flexibility, expanding the range of movement of joints, bringing back the flexibility and plasticity of the cervical spine.

Over the course of massage, individual muscle and tendon groups are treated in a particular way in order to remove blocks from the shoulder area, then moving to tissue flexibility and enhanced mobility of the cervical spine.

The goal of mobilising massage:

  • improve mobility and tissue flexibility in the cervical spine area
  • reducing headaches (migraine)
  • reducing pain and tension in head, neck and occipital area
  • stress reduction, improved oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells, improving sight, hair and skin condition
  • improving concentration
Honey massage
90 minutesBuy80.00

VIDEJA INTENSITATEOrigins of this massage trace back to Tibet. The underlying effect of this massage is an interplay between skin and biologically active substances of honey, as well as movement of reflex therapy massage working on the deep tissue. It is attributed to reflexology – a combination of medicinal properties of bee honey and deep-impact rhythmic pressure massage. This massage technique consists of two procedural parts:

In the first part of the procedure, the massage is performed with a special technique based on tapping movements. A powerful procedure for good health and firm body. Honey vacuum massage technique is efficient in burning fat, deep warming and massaging the tense muscles, it drives excess liquid and toxins out of the body, whereas the unique properties of honey treats body as a peeling substance and nourishing mask concurrently. Honey massage boosts immunity and nervous system, and at the same time it is one of the most efficient anti-cellulite procedures. Honey cleanses the body, improves circulation, reduces cellulite, makes skin elastic and firm, heals the soul.

The second part of the massage continues with deep tissue reflexology, acting deeply on the muscles and connective tissue. It is especially advisable after physical loads, muscle imbalance and chronic tension. Rhythmic pressure massage with deep impact reduces tension and dissipates stress-induced tension in muscles and tissue. .

Champi Indian head massage
60 minutesBuy40.00

VIDEJA INTENSITATEChampi is the most ancient head massage, activating the energetic points, an element of Ayurvedic massage. Champi massage removes nerve tension in the upper back, shoulders, neck and head. It provides an excellent muscle relaxation in shoulders for those spending long hours at the computer and generally leading a sedentary (office-bound) lifestyle. Head and shoulder massage stimulates improvement of local blood and lymph circulation, boosts metabolic processes, providing efficient support in case of health conditions such as:

• improved nourishment of hair follicles and hence their visual appearance

• reduced puffiness of face, headache and eye fatigue

• reduced tension, anxiety and stress level

• removed connective tissue and muscle tissue spasms

• overcomes insomnia

• enhanced concentration

• activated mind capacity

Champi massage has a wonderful effect on body, mind and soul. It reduces tension, fills the body with energy and brings it to balance. It is a unique procedure with huge emphasis on working with special points (marma points) and activating the energetic channels.

Stone massage
60 minutesBuy60.00

Hot stone massage or stone massage is very pleasant procedure. Special basalt stones are used as heat conductors because they are unique in their capacity to deeply absorb heat and to radiate it slowly and gently. Stone massage brings the body into a deep relaxation state. The hot stones reduce muscle tension, stimulate circulation and lymph flow as well as metabolic processes. The massage helps to get rid of the pain in the lower back, neck, improves the posture, alleviates muscle spasms. The massage gives a pleasant feeling of warmth which penetrates the body by reducing the muscle and joint pain, cleansing the pores and discharging toxins, excess liquids, contributing to weight loss and improved mood.

Aroma massage
60 minutesBuy50.00

Aroma massage combines the effect of relaxing touch with properties of essential oils. As the massage proceeds, not only the client inhales the aroma of essential oils, but, most importantly, they work through the skin, penetrating the inner layers and general circulation through capillaries. Various compositions of essential oils and carrier oils are used for the aroma massage. Aroma therapy during massage is a holistic treatment method which is actually capable of preventing problems before they occur. By reducing muscle tension, we help to improve the physical condition and, by alleviating the psychoemotional stress and releasing deeply hidden emotions, we help people to return to a happy and fulfilled life. Combining the massage with aroma therapy boosts the positive effect and can bring ultimate results!

Myofascial release
60-90 minutesBuy80.00

Each muscle in the body is wrapped in a separate film called the fascia, and muscle groups are wrapped in larger films. Long fascial-muscular packets form myofascial circuits as they repeat motion vectors. Blocks, joints, and clamps can interfere with the path of myofascial circuits that affect movement along the entire line – for example, neck pain is often associated with flat feet or unstretched hamstrings. The myofascial release procedure uses massage movements aimed at releasing the fascia. It uses manual force on both muscles and connective tissue, which helps to relax myofascial structures and unlock trigger points. It also reduces acute pain, increases joint mobility and flexibility, improves blood circulation and tissue nutrition. 

Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi
90 minutesBuy85.00

VIDEJA INTENSITATEOne of the most mysterious and rare massages in the world. Its roots lie in the transformation rituals of tropical shamans in Hawaii. This massage helps you go through any life changes: a change of job, a new relationship, difficult periods, preparation for something new. Lomi Lomi is filled with love and care. It is a great lymphatic drainage massage with relaxation elements, stretching muscles and restoring the psycho-emotional state. A drop of Hawaiian sunshine and love is now available for you!

Relaxing massage
60 minutesBuy50.00

An ideal massage after prolonged stress and depression. This massage improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and normalizes the functioning of the whole body, as well as positively affects the emotional state and helps to regain internal balance.

Back, leg or hand massage
40 minutesBack, leg massageBuy40.00
40 minutesBack, hand massageBuy40.00


Back massage not only solves a lot of back problems, it’s also a great preventive measure to avoid such problems from occurring at all. During this massage, the retracted muscles relax, pain is relieved, blood circulation and lymph drainage are improved, and muscle flexibility and your ability to work are increased.

Leg massage helps to relax the muscles tightened during the day, relieves swelling, and restores normal circulation. Regular leg massage makes your legs visibly slimmer and improves the appearance of the skin.

Arm massage stimulates the muscles of the hands and improves blood circulation, helping to relieve tension – so this massage is especially recommended if you work using hands or computer.

Anti-cellulite massage for legs and buttocks
30 minutesBuy40.00

Anti-cellulite massage is one of the most effective ways to fight cellulite, reducing the problem areas and the subcutaneous fat layer. This massage uses deep, rhythmic movements to help activate blood circulation, removing deposits of accumulated toxins, and filling skin cells with oxygen and nutrients. It helps to better absorb excess fluid in the body. Improves the skin texture for a healthy glow.

Therapeutic back massage
40 minutesBuy40.00


Therapeutic back massage involves manipulating the soft tissues of the body with the help of specialized hand movements and activating pressure points. The massage aims to penetrate deep into the soft tissues of the body, promoting their healing, reducing pain, and improving the overall well-being of the body. The intensity of the massage depends on the individual symptoms and needs of each customer.

Frequently asked questions

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This certifies the quality of the healthcare services provided, as well as the possibility of reimbursement if your insurance policy provides for rehabilitation and physiotherapy services.

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