1. The internal rules of the Joker Club are binding on all Joker Club visitors.
2. Terms used in the Rules:

2.1 The Customer – a natural or legal person who visits the Joker club;
2.2 The Club – the place of service provision;
2.3 The Enterprise — the owner of the Joker Club.

3. Video surveillance is carried out at the premises of the Club. The purpose of video surveillance is to protect the property, ensure security and order. Video recordings are used for the aforementioned purposes only.
4. The Club does not assume any liability for the Customer’s valuables left at changing rooms or elsewhere.


Open and visiting hours:

5. Club opening hours:
5.1 weekdays: 07:00–21:00;
5.2 Saturdays: 08:00–21:00;
5.3 Sundays: 09:00–21:00.

6. Opening and visiting hours of service provision areas:

6.1 Squash
6.1.1 weekdays: 07:00–21:00;
6.1.2 Saturdays: 09:00–21:00;
6.1.3 Sundays: 10:00–21:00.

6.2 Fitness centre
6.2.1 weekdays: 07:00–21:00;
6.2.2 Saturdays: 08:00–21:00;
6.2.3 Sundays: 09:00–21:00.

6.3 Water relaxation centre
6.3.1 weekdays: 12:00–21:00;
6.3.2 Saturdays, Sundays: 12:00–21:00.

6.4 Group sessions
6.4.1 according to schedule.

6.5 Water aerobics
6.5.1 according to schedule.

7. The duration of use of the Water Relaxation Centre (hereinafter — the WRC) services 2.5 hours, including the time spent in the changing room. Every extra hour is charged at a rate of EUR 15/hour.
8. At the time when water aerobics classes and kids swimming lessons are on, the availability of the WRC services is limited (inquire at the reception).
9. After the water aerobics class, the Customer may use the WRC for 45 minutes.
10. Children up to 12 years of age may visit the water relaxation centre on fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until 18:00.

Types of membership, validity and conditions of use:

11. Water Relaxation Centre for adults:
11.1 10x on weekdays until 17:00 – 6 months;
11.2 10x any time – 6 months.

12. Water Relaxation Centre for children:
12.1 10x any time – 6 months.

13. Swimming lessons for children:
13.1 6x – 3 months;
13.2 10x – 6 months.

14. Water aerobics:
14.1 6x any time – 2 months;
14.2 10x any time – 4 months.

15. Squash:
15.1 S membership, until 16:00 – 10 h, 3 months;
15.2 M membership, any time – 10 h, 3 months;
15.3 L membership, until 16:00 – 20:00, 6 months;
15.4 Extra L membership, any time – 25 h, 6 months;

16. Group sessions:
16.2 10x any time – 3 months;
16.3 Matinee membership until 11.00 – 1 month;
16.4 Any time membership:
16.4.1 1 month;
16.4.2 3 months;
16.4.3 6 months;
16.4.4 12 months.

18. Fitness Centre:
18.1 10X any time – 3 months;
18.2 Morning/evening membership, 7:00–10:00/20:00–22:00 – 1 month;
18.3 Day membership until 16:00:
18.3.1 1 month;
18.3.2 3 months;
18.3.3 6 months;
18.3.4 12 months;
18.4 Any time membership:
18.4.1 1 month;
18.4.2 3 months;
18.4.3 6 months;
18.4.4 12 months;
18.5 Holiday membership* – 1 month;
18.6 The fitness centre membership can be used to attend a group session during the validity of the relevant membership.

19. Combined:
19.1 any sport session (except for squash and yoga classes) and the water relaxation centre – 1 month.

20. The membership start date is the date of purchase of the membership or, at the Customer’s request, the membership activation date specified at the time of purchase of the membership.

21. The membership can be used by its owner only and cannot be transferred to other persons. The administration has the right to request that the Customer presents an identity document in case of uncertainty.

22. Fitness centre members must start using the service:
22.1 Matinee members until 10:00;
22.2 Day memberships — before 16:00.

23. Any time fitness centre memberships can be used without time restrictions.

24. By purchasing squash membership, the Customer can use the gym cardio equipment 15 minutes before the squash game.

25. When visiting the Club, the membership card must be produced each time before receiving a service.

26. When registering the membership for the first time, the Customer must show an ID (a passport or ID card (eID)) to the Club administration.

27. Memberships with a fixed number of visits:
27.1 no more than 2 visits per day may be removed from one membership;
27.2 the membership holder may take along one other person, for whom one visit will be deducted from the membership holder’s visit count.

28. Monthly memberships:
28.1 no more than 1 visit per day may be deducted from one membership;
28.2 a second same day visit:
28.2.1 aerobics: EUR 4;
28.2.2 fitness centre: EUR 5.

29. The membership can be suspended/extended upon the Customer’s request, as well as in case the Enterprise fails to provide the service:
29.1 1–3 month memberships — not more than 1 time up to 2 weeks;
29.2 4 month memberships — not more than 2 times up to 2 weeks;
29.3 6 month memberships — not more than 3 times up to 2 weeks;
29.4 12 month memberships — not more than 6 times up to 2 weeks.

30. Memberships cannot be suspended/extended retroactively.

31. Expired memberships are not valid (even if not used at all/ partially used up).

32. The Enterprise may annul the Customer’s membership without warning, if the Customer has violated the “Internal Rules of the Joker Club”.

33. The Enterprise retains the rights to refuse the sale of a membership without explaining the reasons of refusal.

34. The membership cannot be exchanged for cash.

35. In case of loss of the membership card, a replacement fee of EUR 3 applies. After the renewal of the card, the previous card found will not be renewed and the money will not be returned to the Customer.

Squash Rules:

36. A squash game must be booked 2 months in advance.
37. Advance bookings are available only to Customers having a membership or Customers, who have purchased a single-visit pass before the booking.
38. If the Customer cannot arrive at the booked time, the booking must be cancelled not later than 8 h before the booked time.

39. If the Customer does not arrive/ cancels the appointment less than 8 hours before the appointment time:39.1 1 visit is removed from the membership if the Customer has a membership;
39.2 the single visit pass becomes invalid.

40. The squash court at the defined price can be used by up to 2 players; the fee per extra player is EUR 5.

The Customer must:

41. Keep a distance of two meters from other people in the Club, except during sports sessions.
42. Leave the premises of the Club before the closing time.
43. Observe the “Internal Rules of the Joker Club”, as well as be courteous towards other Customers and the staff of the Club.
44. Monitor own health condition independently and not visit the Club if symptoms of illness or being unwell exist.
45. Not visit the Club, if according to regulatory legislation, the Customer is required to self-isolate, quarantine or isolate at home.
46. If the Customer has been infected with Covid-19 in the last month, they may visit the Club only after complete recovery and if they can prove that a repeated Covid-19 test is negative.
47. Stop the session immediately if you feel pain, dizziness, discomfort during the lesson and seek help from a trainer or the Club administration.
48. Put the wristband (magnetic key) received from the Club administration around your arm and keep it on your arm during the entire session.
49. Refrain from any action that may endanger the life and health of oneself or others.
50. Observe the requests of the administrator and the supervisor to ensure the fulfilment of internal regulations.
51. Inform the instructor and/or administrator about damages to equipment/inventory.
52. Move slowly and carefully on the stairs.
53. Avoid touching sauna heating devices.
54. Before taking a shower, make sure that the water is not too hot after opening the tap.
55. When in the pool, swimming is not permitted in the part where the depth exceeds the Customer’s height, unless the Customer has acquired swimming skills.
56. Keep changing rooms tidy.
57. Personal belongings and clothing must be kept in lockers in the changing room.
58. If the locker key / magnetic key is lost, a replacement fee of EUR 10 applies. If the previous key is found, the money will not be returned to the Customer.
59. Observe personal hygiene and cleanliness in the Club’s premises, disinfect your hands with disinfectants or wash your hands with soap after arriving at the Club.
60. Take a shower before and after using the pool.
61. Attend sessions in suitable footwear (to be changed into) and clothing.
62. To observe personal hygiene, before and after exercising, disinfect the mat and exercise equipment with disinfectant and paper towels.
63. Observe the instructions for use placed on the equipment.
64. Replace the inventory after using. Technogym weight plates may only be used on the smooth bars.

65. Use towels:
65.1 to sit down on the sauna/bathhouse benches;
65.2 to place on training equipment during exercise.

66. Parents or persons in charge of children may not leave children under 16 unattended, except:
66.1 during individual training sessions with an instructor;
66.2 with written consent of the child’s parents.

67. When attending the pool, use personal care products and a bathing suit/ swimming trunks, pool slides.
68. When receiving change, count it before leaving the register.
69. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.
70. At the Administrator’s request, present a document (with a photograph) that can be used to verify a person’s age.
71. Compensate for losses inflicted upon the Enterprise’s property.
72. Use the services of the Club in line with rules of the purchased membership.

The Customer can:

73. Seek the help of the Club staff in case of feeling poorly, suffering traumas etc., and immediately call qualified medical personnel.

74. Customers with an active membership can park their car in the Club parking lot free of charge during service use:
74.1 weekdays – 3 h;
74.2 on holidays and public holidays – 4 hours.

75. Get a towel free of charge, when using a membership service.
76. Use one’s own towel.
77. File a complaint and receive a response to it:
– in the form of a letter by post to the enterprise’s office in Riga, Katrīnas iela 12; – by email to; – by phone 67321251 on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:30.

The Customer is responsible for:

78. Their health condition, i. e. that the Customer’s health condition is adequate for the purchased service.
79. The safety and health condition of children accompanying them to the Club.
80. Personal belongings.

The Customer may not:

81. Stay in the Club premises outside the specified working hours, except for individual bookings.
82. Photograph, film and make audio recordings in the Club premises.
83. Place advertising flyers, leave business cards and similar items at the Club premises without receiving written consent from the Club management.
84. Hold a private (individual) coaching session without notifying the Enterprise.
85. Deliberately turn on, turn off, and adjust music centres, TVs, saunas and ventilation equipment.
86. Use the swimming pool or sauna if the Customer has skin fungal infections or purulent wounds.
87. Use a mobile phone during group sessions.
88. Damage or unduly handle the Club inventory, equipment or premises.
89. Step on exercise equipment and benches while doing stretching exercises at the fitness centre.
90. Use perfume before training sessions.
91. Wear outerwear and/or street footwear at the aerobics hall, gym, squash courts, water relaxation centre.
92. Use the fitness centre barefooted or topless.
93. Shave legs, beard, armpits, dye hair etc., leave items of hygiene or in any other way violate the rules of hygiene at the Club premises, including, in changing rooms and showers.
94. Pour water or other liquids on the heating elements of the sauna/bathhouse.
95. Use honey, coffee grounds and other body scrubs or oils in the sauna/bathhouse.
96. Attend the Club under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances.
97. Take drugs and other intoxicating substances.
98. Pursue commercial interests.
99. Stay in the territory adjacent to the Club without outerwear and wearing footwear used during exercise sessions.
100. Behave aggressively, inappropriately, loudly, offend or otherwise disturb other Customers and staff.
101. Bring glassware and objects into the VIP, sauna and pool area.
102. Jump into the pool.
103. Consume drinks and food brought in from outside.
104. Enter the Club with animals.

The Enterprise may:

105. Change:
105.1 Club open hours;
105.2 timetable of sessions and/or session times;
105.3 service prices
without notifying the Customers individually. All changes are published on the Club’s website at
106. If necessary, close off individual Club premises.

107. Expel a Customer from the Club if the former violates “Internal Rules of the Joker Club” or in any other way interferes with the club operations.
108. Refuse entry to the Club, if the Customer has violated “Internal Rules of the Joker Club”.
109. Ask the Customer to present a photo ID to verify the person’s age.

* – can be used on weekends and holidays during the fitness centre open hours.