The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform clients, visitors of Joker Club, visitors of
the website, clients of Joker Club’s parking lot (hereinafter – the
Clients) about the processing and purpose of the processing of personal data and the means
of protection of personal data.

The active recreation centre “Joker Club” (hereinafter – Joker Club) processes personal data
of its Clients only in compliance with the applicable normative legal acts. The safety of our
Clients’ data is important to us, and we want all Clients to be assured that upon submitting their
personal data to us they will be processed only for the intended purposes.

The Controller of the Personal Data Processing is SIA “Joker LTD”,
reg. no. 40003266078, registered office 12 Katrinas Street, Riga.

In order to ensure adequate means of personal data protection, Joker Club observes the following
basic principles of data processing:

– collects and processes personal data in compliance with the applicable normative legal

– in collecting personal data, takes proper measures in order to inform clients and explain
to them how these personal data will be used and for what purposes they are being

– if necessary, obtains clients’ consent to the collection of personal data and processing,
ensuring transparency and allowing them to withdraw their consent;

– in order to achieve legitimate purposes, personal data are collected only to such an extent
as is necessary for the purpose of collection;

– limits access to personal data, ensuring that they are available only to the persons
authorized by the company in order to ensure the completion of the particular task;

– in all its activities, processes personal data in an honest and legitimate manner;

– does not keep personal data longer than is legally required or necessary for ensuring the
particular purpose of data processing.

– keeps accurate personal data and updates them if necessary, as well as ensuring
reasonable means for allowing individuals to obtain information about their personal data
and eliminate any inaccuracies found therein;

– discloses personal data to authorities only to such extent as is required by law, or
discloses them after obtaining prior consent from the respective individual;

– systematically evaluates data privacy risks, pertaining to the collection, processing and
storage of personal data.

Joker Club processes the personal data for the following purposes:

– For the provision of reservation of services
Joker Clubs clients, when making appointment or reservation for certain services, are
asked to provide their name and phone number in order to ensure completion of the
appointment for the provision of the service and for the client to receive the service at the
most convenient time for them. Also, if due to some unforeseen circumstances, a particular
procedure or activity is cancelled, there would be the ability to inform the client about it.

– For the obtaining a Client card
Joker Club’s clients, in order to obtain the client card, have to complete a special form
providing their full name and date of birth in order to identify the holder of the client card in
the event that the card is lost or found.
The purpose of processing personal data is for market research and for the creation of new

– For the provision of purchase of services
In the section E-shop of the Joker Club’s website, upon purchase of
services and products, the customer has to provide their full name, address, e-mail address,
phone number and payment card details in order to ensure safe and seamless making of
purchases in the internet shop in co-operation with the payment services provider.

– For the fulfilment of agreement conditions
In order to conclude an agreement for keeping their vehicle in the paid parking lot in the
territory of Joker Club, a Client has to write an application providing the necessary
information for the conclusion of the agreement: full name, phone number, e-mail address,
home address. This information is necessary for signing and fulfilment of the agreement for
keeping the vehicle in the paid parking lot.

– For ensuring security
Video surveillance is carried out in the premises of Joker Club (1st floor Reception and
2nd floor Reception) and in the Joker Club building surrounding territory in order to prevent
and disclose any criminal activities and to ensure the protection of property.

In accordance with the applicable normative legal acts, the Client has the rights to view their
submitted personal data, as well as request their amendments, correction, deletion or restriction
of processing with regard to the Client. The Client also has the right to object to the processing
of their personal data – this right can be realized as long as the processing of data is not a result
of the obligations of Joker Club which are imposed on it in accordance to the applicable
normative acts.

Joker Club’s website can contain links to third-party websites, having their own rules of
usage and protection of personal data, for which Joker Club is not responsible.

In regard to specific types of the data processing, such as the processing of cookies, separate
rules for the use of cookies have been formulated and the Client is informed about them the
moment they visit the website

Joker Club has the rights to unilaterally make additions and amendments to this Privacy
Policy. We suggest that you visit this section regularly in order for you to be always well
informed about the current version of the Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact the Joker Club, using any of
these contact means: e-mail, phone 67099800, 67099801, 26441212.