I General Rules

1. A loyalty card (hereinafter – the Card) shall be issued:
1.1. Upon purchase of a membership-based service;
1.2. At the request of a customer upon purchase of an individual service*.

2. The Card shall be issued on the basis of a card application form filled out by the customer.
3. The Card shall be registered for a specific person, and it may not be handed over to any third party.
4. The Card shall be issued by a Joker Club administrator.
5. The Card shall be issued free of charge.
6. The Card shall be active at the moment of issue thereof.
7. Individual (one-off) services* shall be registered on the Card at the request of the customer.

8. The Card shall be the property of SIA Joker LTD (hereinafter – the Company), and it shall be returned
to the Company:
8.1. At the request;
8.2. In the case of replacement of a damaged Card.

9. The Company is entitled to cancel the Card without informing the Card holder.
10. In the case of loss, theft or finding of the Card, please immediately call 26441212.

II Benefits of the Card Holder

11. Parking vehicle in the Joker Club parking lot during use of the service free of charge:
11.1. during working days – 3 h;
11.2. during weekends and holidays – 4 h.

12. Receiving a towel free of charge when using a membership-based service.

III Premium Customer Status

13. The Premium customer status shall be granted to a customer whose turnover is at least EUR 700 over
12 months.
14. The Company reviews turnover of customers on a quarterly basis – by the 15th day of a month
following the relevant quarter.
15. A customer shall lose the Premium customer status if no Joker Club service has been registered on
the Card for 6 months. The Premium customer status shall be restored when meeting requirements
referred to in Paragraph 13.
16. An administrator shall inform a customer when he or she acquires or loses the Premium customer

17. In addition to the benefits referred to in Section II, a Premium customer shall also have the following
17.1. A 10 % discount on the purchase of Joker Club services*;
17.2. A 15 % discount on the price of renting two bowling lanes for 3 h;
17.3. A 25 % discount on the price of renting VIP room for 3 h;
17.4. A free visit of the WRC for one person in the calendar week of his or her birthday by
presenting an identity document, and a 50 % discount on the visit for another person.

18. Information about special offers for the Premium customers shall be:
18.1. Sent by the Company to the Card holder via e-mail or telephone (as SMS), if the customer has
given his or her consent to the receipt of such information;
18.2. Posted on the Joker Club website at and in social networks.

19. Discounts shall not be combined. In the case of multiple discounts, the biggest discount shall apply.

IV Cancellation and Replacement of the Card

20. The Card shall be cancelled in the following cases:
20.1. The Card has been handed over to any third party for use;
20.2. In the case of replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged Card.

21. If the Card has been lost, stolen or damaged, a new Card shall be issued on the basis of an application
form filled out by the Card holder.
22. A fee for restoration of the Card shall be EUR 2.00.

*-Except for bar products, restaurant services and gift cards.