Champi Indian head massage


    • 40 €


Champi is the most ancient head massage, activating the energetic points, an element of Ayurvedic massage. Champi massage removes nerve tension in the upper back, shoulders, neck and head. It provides an excellent muscle relaxation in shoulders for those spending long hours at the computer and generally leading a sedentary (office-bound) lifestyle. Head and shoulder massage stimulates improvement of local blood and lymph circulation, boosts metabolic processes, providing efficient support in case of health conditions such as:

• improved nourishment of hair follicles and hence their visual appearance

• reduced puffiness of face, headache and eye fatigue

• reduced tension, anxiety and stress level

• removed connective tissue and muscle tissue spasms

• overcomes insomnia

• enhanced concentration

• activated mind capacity

Champi massage has a wonderful effect on body, mind and soul. It reduces tension, fills the body with energy and brings it to balance. It is a unique procedure with huge emphasis on working with special points (marma points) and activating the energetic channels.