Neck and shoulder mobilising massage


    • 50 €


Mobilising neck massage alleviates tension in muscles, tendons, joints, improve arterial and venous circulation, also lymph flow, corrects posture. The procedure involves miointensive (from Latvin ‘mio’ for muscle and ‘tensio’ for tension), deep tissue (works on fascia) as well as gentle physiotherapeutic massage methods. All the mentioned techniques combined allow to efficiently and comfortably influence the miofascial system by increasing tissue flexibility, expanding the range of movement of joints, bringing back the flexibility and plasticity of the cervical spine.

Over the course of massage, individual muscle and tendon groups are treated in a particular way in order to remove blocks from the shoulder area, then moving to tissue flexibility and enhanced mobility of the cervical spine.

The goal of mobilising massage:

  • improve mobility and tissue flexibility in the cervical spine area
  • reducing headaches (migraine)
  • reducing pain and tension in head, neck and occipital area
  • stress reduction, improved oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells, improving sight, hair and skin condition
  • improving concentration