Squash visit / memberships

Come play squash on the Joker club courts in Riga and warm up in our gym 15 min before!


    • 135 €
    • 180 €


Squash is a game charged with joy and competitive spirit with the potential to become your next new hobby!

Squash is a game played in pairs, and it develops movement coordination, as well as trains resilience. It is perfectly suited also for those, who wish to lose those extra kilos — you can burn even up to 1000 calories in a single game!

Inventory for hire:
– Racquet hire 4.00 EUR
– Ball hire 2.0 EUR

The price of the court is indicated for up to 2 players, each subsequent player – 5.00 EUR.

In case of no-show, 1 visit is deducted for season ticket holders and single visit vouchers become invalid.