Reaffirming or modelling face massage


    • 50 €


This massage has been developed especially for patients starting to show signs of ageing: sagging skin, reduced muscle flexibility, changing face oval and wrinkles – all the changes associated with getting older.

Modelling face massage is indicated for women after 25 years of age. From this age, the skin cell renewal gradually declines, and many experience wrinkles and puffiness. This type of massage will help to deal with the adverse impact of age-related changes. Besides, a repeated massage will help to overcome different cosmetic imperfections. The visual appearance improves considerably not only owing to the skin but also muscle tissue massage. Rejuvenating, modelling face massage is a procedure where a massage therapist works on all levels of tissue. It helps to have a healthy skin, tone it and evens out wrinkles. Unlike other massage methods, it takes care not only of the upper layers of the skin, but influences also blood vessels and muscle tissue.